Product Development

We develop Aerosol and Liquid formulations, so you don’t have to.

From concept to fully tested products, we provide formula and packaging expertise to deliver your developed and manufactured solution.

We make ideas happen

Due to our global presence, and our strong network of partners and quality suppliers, we are able to offer on trend, agile developments & implement product solutions across our facilities.

Product Development Service

Our development service offers finished formulations, as well as customised formulations.

Our chemists have many years of experience, located in various laboratories, working hand in hand with the factories to industrialise & scale up our products.

We have a database of 1000+ formulations for many different categories and applications. Claims are substantiated by performance and efficacy testing.

Colep has been awarded for our leading product innovations several times over the past 20 years.

Packaging Selection & Testing

Our Packaging Development Team ensure that products will be delivered with optimised design, functionality, cost, and a minimal environmental impact.

We scout for a broad range of packaging formats; standard or exclusive design, innovations for liquids, aerosols and non pressurised formats.

Our pack formats are fully tested for functionality, safety, performance and stability.

Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory experts are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the products and the business, as well as the legal framework & industry best practice.

They ensure all products are fully compliant and deliver the relevant required documentation.

Sustainable Solutions

We develop our products based on sustainable practices, minimising resource inputs and waste emissions.

We manage sustainable sourcing and provide solutions for the circular economy, especially via the use of post-recycled materials, & options for improved recycling and packaging reuse.



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