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We care for our employees’ health and safety and provide a work environment where a safety culture is continuously promoted.

At Colep Consumer Products you’ll have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people with multiple backgrounds and on different projects. We empower our employees to face each day as a new learning opportunity.

Our employees’ experiences

Maria dos Anjos

Line Product Control | Vale de Cambra, Portugal

“I started working here 32 years ago. For me, this is a company that provides a lot of opportunities. I’ve had the chance a lot of different things here, many courses and training. The company allows you to evolve. If you demonstrate the capacity to learn and evolve, the company will encourage you to grow.

I’ve always enjoyed working here. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful. In addition, everything around you keeps evolving, with new ways of working and new processes.”

Félix López 

Line Leader | Querétaro, Mexico

“Colep Consumer Products is a company where you can develop your career, you have the opportunity to learn and there´s a very good work environment!

I joined the company because I was interested on the type of business and I think it is a good place to work because you have all these learning opportunities and it is so different from many other companies.”

Patrycja Stachera

Line Operator | Kleszczów, Poland

“The company offers its employees attractive work conditions. Working here gives you development opportunities, if you are interested. The good environment here allows you to get to know others and feel close to your colleagues.

Leaders often offer their help, and can always be counted on. The leaders are present on every shift together with us, which gives you sense of security and peace.

In the beginning, as for everyone when they enter somewhere new, I had some concerns, but thanks to the help from my colleagues from the line, I quickly found my place, they taught me how to do my job.

With time, things got simpler, the tasks I was trusted with were more challenging and now I teach new people on the line how to perform some of the activities.”

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