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We are committed to bring innovation and expertise in the Contract Manufacturing and Own Design Manufacturing industries across the world.

We empower our teams to continuously improve their work and grow within the company.

We support different career paths at Colep Consumer Products. Whether you are an expert or a leader, we count on full dedication and commitment to our purpose.

Our employees’ experiences

Cecília Martins

Product Development Manager | Vale de Cambra, Portugal

“I joined the company right after I finished my Chemistry degree 19 years ago. For me, Colep Consumer Products is a company that invest in the professional development of its employees.

I would also highlight the possibility it gives people to develop their skills abroad, giving them the chance to learn in the many plants where it’s present around the world.

Working with people from other countries challenges us both professionally and personally, making it a very enriching experience!”

Łukasz Kantorosinski

Engineering Manager | Kleszczów, Poland

“If I were to describe the company I would say: Unlimited possibilities, to which you have to respond with hard work, full involvement and curiosity. This organisation will create opportunities for you, but you are the trigger. If you want to step in, if you want to get benefits from it, and you want to be part of it, you have to go and get it.

And it really pays off. The knowledge that you will get, the people you will meet, the business experience. In my opinion, it’s priceless. Nobody will give you so much.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been in contact with so many people, from different countries, because that’s how business works with the customers, and it has been such a great experience.”

Viviane Rodrigues

HSE & Facilities Coordinator | Louveira & Itatiba, Brazil

“In the last 14 years I’ve had many opportunities for professional development. I started here as a Quality Analyst and have evolved to Departmental Coordinator.

Of all the development opportunities I have had access to, I would highlight the moment the company trusted me to lead the formulation department. This was such an important milestone in my career and a great step forward for my personal development.

Colep Consumer Products is a company that respects its people and contributes to their growth. During my career I had the opportunity to come into contact with several departments, which helped me to constantly challenge myself and learn something new.”

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