How we reduced 37% of water used in Aerosol Water Baths


Colep Consumer Products complies with the highest safety standards and requirements to ensure the conformity of its products. At the same time, we strive to implement sustainable processes in order to efficiently save important resources such as water.

Following the principles of Continuous Improvement, our team’s used their expertise to leverage automation and reduce the water used in the Aerosol Baths, a demanding process that consumed large amounts of this important resource.

“Our future is being designed considering Sustainability as a key factor in our improvement processes. Water is a finite and scarce resource and all attempts to save it, will always be encouraged and accepted.”

Carlos Martins | Operations Manager | Vale de Cambra, Portugal


The Water Bath is an important part of the process of filling Aerosols. This mandatory step places the filled aerosol cans into a hot water bath at 50ºC in order to detect any possible leaks.

This process consumes large amounts of water since it requires it to be frequently renewed, leading to waste water.

On average this process previously used 8256 m3 of water every year.

To reduce this number, our team’s at Colep Consumer Products in Vale de Cambra, Portugal came up with a solution resorting to automation to make this process more sustainable.


To comply with safety regulations and meet the highest quality standards, we use Aerosol Water Baths, placing the cans in 50ºC water.

Thanks to our team’s expertise and by leveraging technology, we reduced the amount of water used in this process by 37% between 2018 and 2020.

We kept our commitment to the safety procedures necessary to conduct our business and, at the same time, we are able to reduce our impact and make this process more sustainable.

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