Alternative propellants: sustainability meets performance


Our product development and innovation efforts strive to meet the needs of a more sustainable society.

FEA directives give a boost to compressed air through higher internal pressures, leading to positive impact on new products developments. This requires a new generation of propellants and regulator technologies for pressurised systems.

Our Innovative Product Solutions (IPS) and Research & Development (R&D) teams have joined forces to develop nitrogen propelled aerosols.


Our team’s objective was to create a better product for our customers and for the consumer. An aerosol with a lower environmental impact, that generates less emissions and with excellent performance.

Nitrogen is non flammable, and it’s virtually insoluble with most solvents and vehicles used. This alternative ingredient is classified as a non-soluble inert compressed gas, making it a safe option.

Data shows Nitrogen is a more sustainable alternative, since it shows lower Global Warming Potential

At the same time, nitrogen as a propellant shows excellent performance over time


Using Nitrogen as a propellant in products such as deodorant can make it last at least, two times as long as LPG propellants. Exactly the same kind of efficacy expected from products in this category.

In conclusion, the alternative propellant demonstrates excellent results and ensures great performance. The only difference is, it’s a more sustainable option, with better product delivery.

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