For Colep Consumer Products, sustainability means we ensure the company’s sustainable growth and profitability, acting within an Environmental, Social and Governance context.
We conduct our business by supporting people and communities, improving our performance and processes, respecting the environment, fostering strong partnerships and developing sustainable and innovative products.

We aim to be a sustainable company that Loves Tomorrow, and that leaves no one behind on this journey. Our vision of sustainability is based on 4 main pillars – PeopleProcesses, Products and Partnerships – which empower us to build a sustainable business.

Keeping our people safe and fulfilled

At Colep Consumer Products, people come first. We care for our employee’s health and safety, so we prioritise providing a work environment where a safety culture of zero accidents is promoted.
We create Learning and Development opportunities for our employees, ensuring this investment positively impacts their growth, professional fulfilment, well-being and happiness.
We comply with global CSR Standards, promoting employee diversity, equality and fairness.
We strive to have a positive impact on our surrounding communities.


Ensuring our processes are sustainable

Establishing sustainable processes in our plants allows us to efficiently save resources, for example, water and most importantly, reduce emissions in order to achieve Carbon Neutrality.
With circular economy principles in mind, we aim to reduce landfill waste generated by our plants.
We can only improve what we measure. Thus, we are measuring our performance according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), following best practices and global standards.

How are we reducing water usage?


Using sustainability to drive product innovation

We develop innovative products driven by sustainability principles.
We aim to increase our offer of sustainable products, both ingredients and packaging. This translates into more products with lower resource consumption, enabling the potential of the circular economy.
Reducing resources and emissions will result in a lower carbon footprint for our original design manufacturing products.

Alternative propellants: Sustainability meets performance


Leveraging the power of partnerships and collaboration

Collaborating along the whole supply chain, with our customers and suppliers, is essential to ensure the sustainability of our business.
We work with partners who comply with social, economic and environmental principles, allowing us to meet our customers’ sustainability standards and expectations, developing Sustainability along the supply chain.
Having a Sustainable Sourcing Policy will not only provide our customers with high-quality services and products but will also engage and develop our business partners.

We are all in this together.

Following best practices

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