As a company with a long history, we’ve learned that success is built on a foundation of strong principles.
As we have grown and evolved, we have also learned the importance of adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

Since our first day as Colep Consumer Products, on July 1st 2021, we embarked on a journey that transformed us into a more innovative, agile and versatile company.
We have redefined our strategy and changed our mindset, which enables us to pursue new challenges and opportunities.
This transformation journey that we went through led us to the foundation of strong principles, and rethinking our strategy and our mindset was the trigger to build a new formula,
capable of characterizing and sustaining our new way of being and acting.

We have been shaping ourselves since our first day and we have built strong core principles, which guide our actions, inspire our team, and drive us towards a brighter future.

Named as OurFormula, these are our guiding principles and their purpose:


To consistently deliver sustainable growth for us and our customers with high performance and innovation.


To reach an understanding of what is relevant.

Sense of Ownership

To feel responsible for making things happen


To trigger solutions, build resilience and increase speed.

Staying Connected

To leverage together our collective genius.

Equally important our five principles are like different elements.

When combined, they create a powerful and harmonious chemistry, OurFormula, that will drive us forward.